Feeling like I can't do this

I’m just starting out leaning to code, I find myself really motivated. when it comes to parts that I’m stuck on and can’t figure out. i get up and walk away and take a break but I feel like I lose my motivation to come back and start again because I just can’t seem to get it figured out. anyone else have this problem? if so how to you over come it

Hi, The most unconventional solution that I have found is to watch youtubers struggle to code. It literary put me in a good mood and I get back to it. Before, I used to watch perfectly edited videos and get discouraged.

Also, I recommend speeches by Any Harris.

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I am same like you a beginner coder. Faced the same issue.

What I am trying right now is to set fix timings of when to sit for learning to code


at the same time try to apply this law: Parkinson's law - Wikipedia. This is prolly the only thing in my way to become a good programmer : )

What have been thinking about trying is applying what I have been learning to try and build a website. is this a good approach for someone that’s just starting out?, or should I just focus on studying?

I have only been coding for 2 months so I understand. I have the motivation but every time I think I understand ( especially flex and nav bar) I hit a wall again. I just keep trying new challenges and watch more videos by different coders hoping that I will finally get it.
Good luck and hang in there.

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Sorry for the late reply, I reached the cap to reply on my user level.

But as a final year undergrad in Computer Engineering, my advice would be to start coding when you feel that you want to become a real programmer.

And the same thing I have heard from almost any tutorials or courses I have started doing on web development. They all say to keep coding to learn. So in this case the preferred way is code to study and this will depend on what you are interested in.

You can study to code as well as code to study!

thats great man. im thinking of going back for a masters in computer engineering too, i really enjoy that stuff, i have a bs in EE and i wished i went taht route instead. but anyways while i think about it i plan to go through the entire FCC curriculum and then try to start my masters withg a great head start in the programming aspect while i learn all the abstract theory and architecture.

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Oh don’t worry about not going through a route in the past.

After looking outside of my own bubble of world. I saw people from any background non engg. to engg. with enough enthusiasm and willingness do way better.

I have some last year people here who changes their background after the entire undergraduate cause they wanna do what they discovered during that time.

Either like you in EE or in math or literally any field.

When I look at them I be like
“I need enthusiasm like them to learn computer”


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i totally agree, but i definitetely wont make the same mistake this time of thinking just passing exam and turning in home work is enough. as as much as programmers become programmers by doing more projects. EE needs to build circuits as well in order to become a good engineer.

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I am in the same boat here. More coding projects and willingness is the way. So don’t regret for not choosing it. Its never too late!


hey there, don’t worry its because you’re a beginner and you don’t know what exactly your doing . don’t rush to complete the lessons, experiment with diff values watch video tutorials. Even I’m a complete beginner and I felt same as you but I didn’t quit and i have completed 2 projects too. You will start to understand everything once you start your project. hope this helps.

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