Feeling overwhelmed starting tribute page project

So i’ve completed my tasks up to doing my Tribute page as the first project. I felt comfortable going through the tasks and was picking up speed as things were just starting to click for me while going through them. Now i am starting a tribute page and all of a sudden i am wondering if i am even ready to do it.

Did this happen to anyone else facing their first project?


This happens to almost everyone. :smile: The thing is that the only way to know you are ready is just to dive in. Just start with a header and your hero pic and then build up from there. Keep it simple and just refer back to the lessons and docs if you can’t Remember how to do something.

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Thanks for the words. I’m glad i am not the only one to experience these doubts. I’ll definitely work hard and accomplish this

Best advice ! Build it up bit by bit, look up things you want to solve one by one. And ask on the forums, there’ll be plenty of help and advice. You’ll always have the chance to come back to it and improve as you learn new things.