Feeling overwhelmed

This coding this is pretty hard emotionally sometimes. I’m still looking forward to landing my first job but theres so much to do and learn. I’m not getting anywhere with these damn recruiters. I want to speak to a company directly but I don’t even know where to find those companies without having to go through these recruiters.

this is more of a rant than a question I guess.

I had a super encouraging meeting with a recruiter: he listened attentively, asked the right technical questions for which I gave the right technical answers, he mentioned three companies he works with directly that he could pitch me to right away, he paid for the coffee…

I left feeling so excited that IT WAS HAPPENING!

And then… nada. Bupkiss. Sweet FA.

How I actually got a job was meeting a managing director at a meetup (I didn’t realise his role at the time) and telling him a little about my circumstances and my mediocre React project that was semi-recent. That surprising, incidental interaction unwittingly fed me into the recruitment pipeline of a pretty cool company.

Just keep trying everything and follow as many leads as you can…you’ll get there!


i’ve never used a recruiter myself (but then I’ve only had to look for a job once before)
I usually just apply directly to the companies in my area. (they all have job boards on their websites)