Feeling very demotivated with Javascript

Hey all. Not sure what to say here really. I have had a lot of trouble completing some of the challenges on Freecodecamp. It takes me forever to come up with the answer and then when I look at the answer I am wayyy off.

Dont know what I am doing wrong in terms of learning, or what I can do to help myself. I have had trouble with the record collection challenge for example, and am now stuck on the profile lookup challenge.

I just dont get how we are expected to know how to do this with only knowledge of the previous lessons… I end up having to look at the answers after struggling for ages, and even then struggle with understanding where they came to it.

I don’t know if I should go back and relearn all the lessons… I have watched a few youtube videos too

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if you have not been able to solve challenges, try to do them again, without looking at the solutions, and if you are stuck use the Get Help button to open a topic on the forum

You are learning Javascript and problem solving at the same time, and the only way to get better at problem solving is to solve problems. All the javascript you need has already been introduced but from having the pieces and knowing how to put them together there is a lot of work, and for that, the best thing you can do, is ask for help to get nudges in the right direction, not looking at solutions


Hi @n1a !

This is completely normal.
A lot of people that come from html and css are not used to working with arrays, objects, functions, algorithms, etc.
It is a very different way of thinking.
It will take some time to start thinking like a programmer and that is ok.

Just take things slowly and ask for help in the forum when you are stuck.

Most people, get stuck on those challenges.
They are hard to get through because there are so many moving pieces.
Just try your best to break down the problem, if you are stuck then you can come to the forum. :grinning:

It is still really new right now.
You can look into these other resources to help with understanding.

Hope that helps!

I have tried looking at a lot of forums, and asked a few questions but sometimes people use such technical language its difficult to fully understand…

As I have looked at the answers already, is there any other challenges online and elsewhere I could try to help improve my learning? I think that would help me more, the more I practice.

thank you so much, ill take a look. It feels better knowing im not the only one!

wow these resources are amazing. Thank you!

try to do again those that gave you most issues, without looking at solutions this time, it’s a good way to see if you learned from them or not

or something like codewars.com gives algorithms for any level


i agree with that. after struggling with intermediate algorithms. i decided to go through all the basic algorithim problems over again and i zipped right through them in a full day.

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I am learning JavaScript also and I experience what you are going through. Do not rush the study, also try to be confident. Rather than looking at the solution, you can ask for the way forward at the forum or search for similar problems on the web.
Am about to start my last project exercise, but I prefer to do it when I feel less pressure and more confident. Being at the right state of mind matters if you want to device a solution to a problem.
Hang in there and you will be surprised at what you know.


I agree, using the forum has helped me a lot, as well as writing down what actions I need to do to actually figure out what it is I need to do has helped a lot. Looking at the solutions isnt the best way to go. Thanks for the advice, hope your project goes well!

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