Fellow students: Got Alternative 2OneNote for W10?

I’d rather not use MS OneNote, but I need something similar.
What do other students use if they do not have a dual boot to Linux?

I’ve been trying to find a good alternative to OneNote for a long time. So far, I really haven’t found anything. There is evernote and Google Keep. They are both okay, but neither have the binder organization OneNote has.

Evernote is the most similar program to OneNote that I’ve seen.

What do other students use if they do not have a dual boot to Linux?

As a regular ON user, I had the same problem.

As @ArielLeslie wrote, Evernote is a good alternative.
But the problem is, there are no official Evernote applications in Linux. (So you can always expect some issues)

You can try Laverna, WizNote, Springseed, and if desperate enough ON online while in GNU/Linux.
First three are not bad, and in fact, probably better than what I do right now for most users.

Personally, I decided to use MD (Markdown) markup and manually build my notes directories until I create a script later on. I pre-defined some templates and mapped a bunch of shortcuts for MD syntax.

Using Atom text editor, Markdown Preview Plus (MPP), and markdown-writer I managed to write better, more convenient and somehow faster notes using this method.

You could use Gitbook and achieve the same results. But some people…

Keep in mind this is only a great idea for your CS or Software engineering notes, because markdown is widely used for such practices. I would not recommend moving any other notebooks. (I decided to move my Further Maths Notebook but haven’t done so yet.)

I still use ON for several other notebooks. (Office Productivity, Business and Administration, Cooking…etc.)
Nothing beats OneNote for non-techie things. (Biased Review)

I’ve struggled for a long time with the best way to keep notes. For a long time I used Notepad++ for everything, but it isn’t all that great for general note taking, but excellent for code snips with the way it can do code highlighting. Then I started using OneNote, it is great for general note taking as @U-ways said, but crappy for code, no code highlighting.

So my note keeping system has evolved to a combination, Dropbox, OneNote, and NotePad++. This really works quite well with minimal fuss.

I take notes in OneNote and take advantage of the great way it organizes everything, and I write code snips in Notepad++ and save them to free Dropbox, and last inside OneNote I make links to the code files in Dropbox and have the link spawn an instance of Notepad++. Everything this way stays together in my notes in OneNote, and I seem to get the best of all worlds.

So for Linux you can still use dropbox, so there is one piece. And here is a link to Linux alternatives to Notepad++ for the code, and last for a OneNote replacement maybe you could give Zim a try.

Also Onenote will run from a browser, so you can use it using Linux, you just need a Windows Live account I believe. OneNote in Browser