Figure issues please help

I have 6 <figure> tags with images all placed in my page. In my css I used the .figure {} to edit the placement of those 6 images all together.

The issue i fell onto is I want those exact same 6 figure images displayed the same on another page…so I copied it all to my other html page but now its not centered in the page like it is in the first page but if i center it using the .figure {} then obviously it will do it to all figure tags on the site.

So i went back to my first figure tags and added an id or class to the group of 6 and put the same code from my figure css to the new id i made so i could edit each 6 tags seperate. But after adding an id to the figures and copying the code i used to the id , all my figures pretty much dissapeard and i only see the figcaptions.

Im not sure what im doing wrong but I just want to use the same figure group twice on two pages but need to make a small edit to the second version of it for placement. but it will only let me edit the placement of the figures in css if i use the .figure {} while classes and ids arnt working.

hope thats clear.

Don’t use id tags use class. I would on the first page get how you want and then on the secondary page add a class tag that is unique to that page and style that page from there. I may be misunderstanding. Maybe a link or example?