File Transfer Protocol

Hey guys in all my experiences, I never knew what the FTP concept was until I ran into it during a lesson. Why do we need FTP? I can use a code editor to write code, edit, and push. Don’t I need a server and WebHost to run my page? Not sure what FTP does.

FTP is just “file transfer protocol”. It is a way to transfer files over the internet.

Sometimes I need to transfer files to my website and I use a program like filezilla to do the FTP for me. There are modern ways to skip that entirely and just have your CI/CD deploy directly.

Don’t worry about it. If you need it, you’ll know and you’ll figure it out quickly.

From my experience so far, I usually have a local machine. I would have a html file that is linked to javascript and css, any updates and changes you can do it through your local machine and push your project up through github/version control. Technically I am transferring my files that way correct?

Yes, when you push to github, you are transferring your files. I assume it is using HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol).

But that does not make your page “live” on the internet, that is just a collection of files. It cold be a live, static site with git pages, but you have to set that up.

Normally, in a modern app, you would push and that would trigger a CI/CD process, at the end of which (under certain conditions) would transfer your built site to wherever you need it to make it live, wherever your server is.

If you don’t have that set up, then you have to do it manually, transfer your built site files to the proper server. There are different ways to do that. FTP is one way. Again, don’t worry about it until you need it.

Kevin that was very insightful and it makes complete sense! A person that I’m mentoring is doing an intro to HTML and CSS only. The lesson is taking him through getting a domain name, web host, and FTP. I never learn programming that way through freeCodeCamp.

Also, if I were to use something like Wordpress, I would need to use FTP, correct?

I wouldn’t call that programming, that’s more web site management. Whether or not you need to know it will depend on what you are doing. If you are a web dev, then yeah.

As to WP, I don’t know I’ve never done it. I assume that if they are hosting it then you wouldn’t need to worry about that. If it is on your own site, then maybe, I don’t know.

But if you need to, there will be dozens of videos on it since many others have had to do it before you.

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