Filter and map method combined

Please can someone enlighten me. The following was my solution and shows the correct array of objects in the window, however when I click run tests it doesn’t pass. I’m not sure if I’m completely missing something here. I notice in the solutions that a return is used but I didn’t think return was needed when using an arrow function. Thanks in advance.

[spoiler]var filteredList = => ({

  title: item["Title"],

  rating: Number(item["imdbRating"])


.filter(item => item.rating >= 8.0);

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Challenge: Use the filter Method to Extract Data from an Array

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You’re returning rating as a number. I suspect that it might be expecting a string.

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Of course! Thank you for pointing out the obvious. I misread the instructions as requiring the rating values to be numbers rather than strings. Thanks again.

It happens to us all. Happy coding!

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