Filtered listests thats only supposed to return the numbers in an array (regardless of whats in the array) not returning numbers

My array is supposed to filter out all of the elements that are not numbers and whats to remain in my array are numbers. Here is a link to my code:

I’m not seeing any code that filters out undesired values?

Here is what thee output of the function is supposed to look like in the code.

// filter_list([1,2,‘a’,‘b’]) == [1,2]
// filter_list([1,‘a’,‘b’,0,15]) == [1,0,15]
// filter_list([1,2,‘aasf’,‘1’,‘123’,123]) == [1,2,123]

What algorithm have you developed to accomplish the task?

OK. What have you tried to get this to work? I don’t see any code removing values from your array. It just looks like you are printing values that ==="string" .

Well I didn’t use a built in function that removes that because I used the if(!typeof arr===“string”) condition that is supposed to return any element in the array thats not a string

But you aren’t actually filtering out any values.

I thought it would. Why doesn’t it

You do not have to use a built-in method like filter, but it would be much easier if you did. Either way, all you are doing now is iterating through properties/indices of arr and if the type of the element located at the index of the array is not a string, you are displaying it to the console. This does not filter anything. It just displays elements that are not strings.

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You should be returning from the function filter_list a new list that only contains the numbers from the original list. You are currently only printing the non string values in the array.

so with a filter() method , I don’t need to use a for loop?

No, it will iterate through the entire array.

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It worked!

function filterList(arr){

const result=arr.filter(elem=>typeof elem=='number');




What if I pass the following arr?

filterList([1, 2, '1', NaN, 6]);

I get the TypeError arr.filter() is not a function. hmm…

Sorry about that. I did not pass an array. I have edited my last reply.

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Okay. my function doesn’t filter out the NaN. NaN stands for not a number.

NaN is type of number. So maybe I should write it in such a way that I make an exception for NaN

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I tried this solution but it did nothing.

function filterList(arr){

const result=arr.filter(elem=>typeof elem=='number' && elem!=NaN);


Am I at least on the right track?

You can not directly compare a value to NaN like that. Do some research on comparing values to NaN.