Final portfolio page help

Whenever I decrease the with of screen to mobile screen size .The content of home div comes down in the about section.How can I join the curve i.e the svg so that their’s no space between the svg and section in smaller size screens.
Any help is appreciated.
Website link
Github link

Hello Yog9,

Hhmm… I tried to analyse your Website-Code via the ‘github’-Link, so and I think I’ve found so far a code-bug, which
changes your layout in the about-section when you scale-down your sceen-size in the browser.
Please watch your code again i.e with the help of the F12-Debug-Console, when you open your webpage and
I noticed, that among the “svg”-Object, you must re-position your -end-tag one line-level down, so that the 2. - code ( … ) will be integrated between the both / -Tags! The svg-Tags must contain both path-declarations, the 1st and 2nd path-numeric-codes including the integers.
But please confirm my suspicion concerning your source-code. I think you are the one who understands your website better than I can do this.
If I should be wrong by my ‘guess’, then sorry.
Anyway, have a good time at ‘freecodecamp’, nobody is perfect!

Orion482, :wink: