Final project #3 failed run test 4 and 12

**Tell us what’s happening:**here is my link im trying to work on my tags every section has a class of “main-section” but it says it doesn’t as well as a reid referencing the header associated with the nav-link its test#4&12

i went through and double checked my punctuation and my tag i cant find the issue

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Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page

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For test 4:
You have an extra section element on line 112 that isn’t finished? This is currently the source of the error for that test.

For test 12: The same issue as above. Removing this extra code will fix both of these tests. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help!!! It would have taken me a while to catch that😅

As a helpful hint, if you click the little arrow at the top right of your HTML box on CodePen, you can select “Analyse HTML” and it will flag any syntax errors. That’s how I caught this one :upside_down_face:

:scream::upside_down_face::sweat_smile:.Thanks for the help bud​:blush:

ok so update i went back to fix it im pretty sure i fixed it but still isnt passing test #4

The id values on these three section elements are not quite correct. :slight_smile:

Check the Variable scope id. The text has Variable Scope, but your id = Variable_scope. The ‘s’ should be in capital letter as the text.

Same with Global_Variables and some others. For the if…else id, try and use this ‘if/else_statements’ to avoid confusion. I tried it and it worked.