Final Project - Anonymous Message Board

Hey all!

Although I cannot submit the project yet – Site is down – I’ve completed the anonymous message board task and wanted to ask for feedback if anyone has a minute.


Good job.

  • It seems to do what it should do. (logic)
  • You’ve provided fairly clear instructions. (documentation)
  • You created your own app interface as well as example interfaces. (originality)

If you were looking to put a little more time into it, maybe you could work on:

  • mobile responsiveness (doesn’t look great for iPhone 6/7/8, for example)
  • thinking about how different types of users approach this app and expanding your documentation. For example, if the user is there to see if it does what it’s supposed to do, you could reference the original user stories ( “I can GET an entire thread with all it’s replies from /api/replies/{board}?thread_id={thread_id} . Also hiding the same fields.”, for example).

These are just suggestions, though; truth be told, I didn’t do as much with this project as I could have when I worked on it.

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Thanks for the feedback! Responsiveness went completely over my head TBH, I will fix that today and add some extra documentation.

Think I should add a max-width to display container s as well as a word break after seeing the long messages on the board and the leaking of the containers.