Final Project Completed - Personal Portfolio RWD

I have completed the final project on responsive web design. It wasn’t an easy journey but I managed to completed all tasks with a hard work and commitment. Please check out my personal portfolio and give me your thought about my design, especially with the colors I used.
Link to my page:

My next target is to be able to build at least one website per week in order to sharpen my HTML and CSS skills.

Hello! i really like your page, you did a great job, the style looks great and the colors work well :grin: i did notice something when i resized the page though:

The first section of the page overlaps with the second section, so it would be good if you checked that out, but other than that the page looks great, it passes all the tests and is responsive, good job, keep up the good work :grin:

looks awesome! Well done. Only thing I see is that the font-size of the box containing “Java script professional” looks slightly bigger then the others.

I will fix that ASAP

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I didn’t style the elements separately. They all have the same CSS style rules.