Final project: Personal Portfolio

Hello every one!

I have finally got my first certificate and I would like to read some feedbacks from you guys about my final project:

Obs: This will be my last project in Portuguese language, I promise :sweat_smile:


I am impressed. It’s hard to comment on your code, it can’t see any flaws. I have stared at that div with the border that you’ve given position absolute. I would never have come up with code like that. Really interesting.
The colors are absolutely beautiful, especially that blue, you add nice icons but you don’t overdo it.
The only thing that I would change is the background against your projects. It feels too busy. I would use that moving image in the welcome section only. There it really serves its purpose.


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Hey Júlio,

awesome job,
clearly seeing your progress!

My ideas:

  • great use of the the HTML5 elements, e.g. main, section etc.
  • when I decrease the width of my browser, but not down until the media query kicks in, the projects and the “contact” section are very small; I would probably add a second media query for a range above your current one
  • in general we use bigger fonts and eye-catching colors to grab the attention of the visitor; you do this for your name and the codepen link; on the other hand, your contact box is very small; is this on purpose or what’s the main goal of your site?
  • you are using a wide range of CSS selectors (tags, classes, ids) and some more specific selectors like #projects p a. CSS Specificity is probably one of the most annoying problems in bigger projects; nowadays I only use classes; this will probably lead to more code, but I’ve been able to remove almost all CSS debugging sessions since then

Keep up the great work!

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Hey @mientje!

I am glad that you enjoyed my page! :grin:

About it, I can tell you that wasn’t easy to find out the best way to insert that borders, it took me some time :sweat_smile:

And about the background, the original idea was to use only the GIF on the welcome section, but about the rest of the page, I didn’t find a better background to use, so than I decided to use the same GIF again :sweat_smile:

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Hi @miku86!

Thanks dude! I am glad to read this :smiley:

About it, I made some changes in the font-size of the page in general, was it enough to make the “contact” section bigger? :sweat_smile:

And I agree with you, I think when I discovered that I could select elements using selectors instead of id or class I have got some addictived by using the selectors :grin:. But I think using class is better, because it makes at least the code more organized. I will try to use more class on future projects.

Great work, much better now!

So currently my only idea is to decrease the top and bottom padding of the contact section, looks very big to me, but only a personal thing.

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