Final Year Project

Hi! I am a computer science student and know a bit of mern stack. I can’t for the life of me think of a good final year project that is useful and big enough that 3 people can work on it for months. I am open to a little bit of ML or AI. Can anyone give me some ideas and tell me the technologies I will need to learn?
Thank you!

There’s more ways to think about a project idea beyond just being useful. You wont be able to dedicate enough time to make something “world class”. I’d focus primarily on getting a project’s scope well defined enough you can execute it in the time you have. 3 people and a few months might seem like a lot of manpower but limited time, but even a simpler full-stack app can take up a significant amount of time to build, especially if your less experienced.

I’d consider the following when thinking of a project idea:

  • what sort of project would look good on a resume?
  • what sort of project would teach you the most?
  • what sort of project would you find interesting to work on?
  • what sort of project would you want to work on at a company?
  • what sort of problems do you and your group have that you could try to solve?
  • what level of features would you want to have if you only had half of the time allotted to do it?
    • this is the question that helps define the size of work you want to do. Odds are you will need to re-evaluate this later and often to stay on track.

Since its a group project, I’d be sure to also talk to your group members about possible ideas, and get their input on what they think of the above list of projects.

Another thing to think about is this is one of the few times in a developers life when you get the freedom and incentive to work on what you want. Once you have a job out in the field you’ll have to work on what is needed, which may or may not align with what you find interesting, or important.

Good luck, keep building, keep learning :+1:

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