Finally claimed First Certificate. Portfolio Feedback Please

Hello Campers,
I just recently completed my personal portfolio and claimed my responsive design certificate.:grinning:
Any feedback or suggestions on my page would be much appreciated.
Check it out here.

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I like you page. I can see your creativity. Well done!
Not just to be awed but to give some constructive feedback.

  • If your nav bar has some margin on the right side, It would look better. That’s what I observed from other sites.
  • I believe you made project introduction text blur intentionally. However, I think that decreases readability a bit. Maybe for this point, you can listen to other’s feedback as well.
  • I thought I was losing my mind and/or vision with that text between the skills and the projects- til I read the above comment… that’s blurred? Personally I wouldn’t do that (as I’m low vision already as it is).
  • What is the 6th icon from the left under skills? I’ve never seen that one. The last one I’ve seen but can’t remember what it is. Some sort of text or at least a “tool tip” pop up might help.

Nice set up though :slight_smile:

I like the creativity in those subtle details and animations you have going on. And the choice of colors is great.

While I’m also a fan of the light shadow effect in general, I wouldn’t use it for everything and rarely in web projects. It tends to not be good for the eyes over time and makes it harder to read for some people. Your text looks good even without the box shadow.

There was no indication that there would be icons revealing after the “robot hand” animation finishes. At first I thought you messed up the spacing between the hand and text content. It has to be more clear or the icons have to show up automatically at some point. I also would add some tooltips for the icons to display what they’re representing.

I don’t like the navbar. Apart from the text shadow which doesn’t fit in there, it’s low quality compared to the rest of the page and lacks and hover effects.

Add some bottom padding to the projects section. There isn’t enough space after projects cards and before the next section.

No mobiles, there is less vertical free space between icons-text than text-projects. Make it consistent (same amount of space).
One other thing that often happens is removing some elements completely on mobiles. For example, how likely is the robot hand animation be triggered and finished? You could remove the hand and show icons immediately on those screens.

Thank you very much for your input. The text blur is indeed not the best for readability and I’ll modify that. Thanks again.

The last icon represents Acache’s POI Library for Microsoft spreadsheet creation and manipulation. Thanks for your feedback.

Wow. Well put constructive feedback. I’m still trying to perfect my design skills and everything you said is very helpful. I will use your suggestions as a yardstick for future projects. Your input is well appreciated.