Finally completed my Portfolio. Please give me you feedback

Hello Everyone,
i have finally manage to complete my portfolio. Please tell me how it is and how to make it better.
Below is the link.
i have made it responsive so please check if it is working properly.
Thanks in advance:)

Hi @vtarun,

very good work, you are a professional already i guess.

Only one thing i am facing if i look with the galaxy s5 emulation in google chrome:
i can see, that the content is more wide than the display can show. so i can move to the right a bit although there is not much more to see.

As you are a professional already, i think you don’t want to have that :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Hi @daveyx ,

Thanks for the feedback.

I am not professional. I started learning web development few months back.

I will look into this overflow flow issue.


Hi @vtarun,

anyway, the page looks very good, congrats!!!

I had this problem too on my page and it was related on a heading element h2 or h3 which overflowed.

After you’ve fixed your problem, don’t forget to post the solution here.

Kind regards


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