Finally completed portfolio project. Feedback please

I have completed the portfolio project. Took a long time to complete but I think it was worth it . Just started coding during the lockdown and have reached till this stage. Feels great to have completed all the projects in html and css and hopefully I will retain some of the lessons. Please provide your feedback for this project.


great job,

fyi, i cant click or tap your navlink.

Brilliantly done, @mjjain.

Looks great and you have done well on the responsive part as well.
Also, congratulations on earning the first certificate. :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:
All the best for next certificate. :+1:

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Nice page overall. One thing you might want to check is your nav bar when you decrease the size of the browser.

Cool really nice job done, I think you should look at the small screen view

i think its working properly. Thank you

Didn’t get what you are saying. Can you elaborate?

Thank you. Are you saying that i should develop my project keeping in mind the small screen size?

When you have a thin browser width, like on an older iPhone your navbar gets cut off.

Yes, because am not sure if you prefer the way it looks on small screen or not am currently viewing this on my phone and I feel each project should take it own column. Although it not look bad just my taste so if you’ve looked at it from a mobile view and it okay by you then it’s fine.