Finally done with my portfolio page - Feedback appreciated!

Dear campers,

After a lot of delays, postponing and a little bit of frustration now and then i am finally done with my portfolio page. Even though there is still a lot of room for improvement, i am quite happy with the initial result and i learned a lot from it! Here it is:

Something that i wasn’t able to figure out are the @media queries for various screen sizes. As a result i ended up copying my whole CSS section 3 times (small, medium and large size) and making changes relevant to that specific size. Well hey, its not optimal but it works :stuck_out_tongue:

Some feedback on it is highly appreciated!


I like the layout, very fancy!

There is a small issue with your Contact Me section on ~1000px width screens, mail image covers text.


You’re right, i missed that one. I’m thinking about fixing this by changing the color of the mail image to a lighter shade of grey with a black border. This way the white text will remain readable when it covers the image.