Finally Finished, kinda

finally got to a point where I’ve finished what I should have done for the challenge.

I still need to add a couple of thinks but wanted to get some opinions., also managed to create a subdomain on my website to test it out on

take a look - honest / brutal / critical opinions welcome!

Badhocs Weather App

I like the compass-- how did you do that…??

The temp and weather is accurate for my location in Virginia…

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Well done! One little thing: the backgound is a bit too white for me.


The compass took forever, it was an image on a div with the background of the compass outline. Here is the pen I used to create the functionality.

Just seen how bad the responsiveness is - I’m working on that now!

Thanks, I’d have to change the compass .png’s to change it over so might leave it white for now, sorry! Should be responsive now.

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