Finally finished my first project! Tribute Page

Hi Everyone,
I finally finished my first project and would love your feedback on the finished project. Any and all feedback is welcome!

Hi @tramanedhall
Nice choice of fonts and colors
Keep learning bootstrap

Thank you for your feedback! Thank you!!!

My feedback is from a design perspective and a few things I’ve learned from my many trials and errors. :wink:

I like your choice of cover photo–it is powerful and sets a great tone. However, the light coloring of the water makes it difficult to read the white colored font you chose. This is a common issue when placing text over an image–lack of contrast.

One way to help add contrast is to use a color overlay on photos. For instance, for this photo I would add a black layer over the image in Photoshop and reduce the black layer’s opacity to about 35%. This would retain the details of the image but add the contrast needed to be able to read the white font.

The next thing I would address is the hover color for your menu. The white text disappears when I hover over the menu button because the whole button (except for the underline) changes to white. Maybe on hover, change the text color to something darker to give a more readable contrast.

I hope this is helpful.


Thank you! I really appreciate such detailed feedback! I plan to do another version of it with feedback like this in mind, and more knowledge of CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, etc.