Finally finished my Personal Portfolio Project after almost a year

It took me almost a year to finish this. Mostly because I got distracted learning to illustrate using CSS and animating my illustrations using JS/jQuery. Also I took weeks off at times because I couldn’t find the motivation to code, but I digress. I would really appreciate any feedback. My animations are still a little wonky so I need to keep improving my JS skills. My code is probably a mess, too. I tried my best to make it legible. Thanks for taking the time to check out my project.

Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage - Stu Munoz

Animation are impressive and overall page is very nice.

Just 2 things:
Menu links for skills and contact doesn’t scroll page to given section.
Skills look strange on mobile because of different borders.

Looks pretty. However the tiny text isnt very readable. I shouldnt have to work to read your resume. The animation is nice and skill part is cool but it doesn’t make for readable content. Making just bigger more spacious text next time.

like @korzo said, the nav button for the skills and contact is a bit broken. It scrolls down but not far enough to show the content in either sections. This can be fixed by adding the tag after the section.
<span id="skills"></span>
I’m not sure why this happens however, so this just a temporary fix.

Keep working on it though! :+1: Animation is impressive and your portfolio sites look great! Just the UX with this site is not good. Bunching small text really close together rarely is.