Finally finished my portfolio project ...please review and feedback

I Finally finished my second portfolio project on FCC , and would really appreciate your feedback about my portfolio page .

as I am new to coding so it took me while but i have learnt a lot during building it…

Also need help for fixing my nvbar on top .I tried but couldn’t figure out what went wrong.

here is my portfolio project link

nice base structure. as your page looks like it uses jQuery for smooth scrolling but it does not :slight_smile:
So when you try to navigate to a specific location on the page through navbar icons it goes kinda rough.if you add some jQuery method it would look awesome.Secondly the ‘know more about me’ icon is not matching with the page just change the color plus too long text does not suit with a button.
and at last, mere ek rakhi sister hein clg mein looks exactly like you. :yum: lol
anyway i like your portfolio.

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This looks wonderful, I love the colors! My only suggestions are: 1) consider narrowing the width of the main content and increasing the spacing a little to bring more focus to your individual elements. It’s a better practice to draw the viewers eye’s down than across, and this will also reduce your paragraph line width. 2) Maybe move your bouncing button down a bit so that it doesn’t block your welcome text.

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Thank you so much for feedback @RocktimSaikia. will add your suggestion and update my page.

rakhi sister hehehe… :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks again…

Thanks you @L0TU5 .appreciate your thoughts and suggestions .i think yes you are right , I will work on every points that you have mentioned.:slightly_smiling_face: