Finally finished my portfolio. What do you think? 【・ヘ・?】

Here it is!

Funnily enough, I spent half of the time editing the backgrounds.

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I think it’s pretty cool. I like the black bar aesthetic for the text.

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Thank you! Solid bars looked too dark, so I thought of this. I’m glad you liked it. :^)

Love it … backgrounds are fantastic … love the transparent bars … very well done.

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Very good. Artistic, creative, unique, aesthetic, clean, authoritative. All of those things. Very good job and definitely an inspiration, looks-wise.

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It looks fantastic! You did a great job with the artwork. I would suggest possibly tightening up the space below the link containers and the end of the section a bit, particularly in the medium-sized window range. That is just personal preference though!

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@JohnL3 @leactz

Thank you for your kind words!


Thanks! You right, that would look better. I tried to find a way to keep a title near the top of a section and center vertically content inside, but nothing has worked out so far.