Finally finished my portfolio!

Hi guys!

I worked really hard on this but probably spent too much time redesigning it than I should have.

I would love some feedback and criticism on my portfolio.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Well done. Very nice indeed. Great colours and typography have really made it stand out.

I would make your nav li items semi transparent using the following, because your menu isn’t really legible being transparent over that background. (On my phone)

Li {
opacity: .5; (0 is clear, 1 is solid. Go in 0.1 increments till it’s legible.

Can tell you’ve worked hard :slight_smile:


I see, thank you for your input and advice!!

I really like your portfolio. It looks very shique, almost like something you would see in the fashion industry.

As for criticism, I would suggest adding more to your “about me” section. I just think that the section about you is a good opportunity to convey yourself not only as a potential employee, but also as a person in general. Try and connect with them on a personal level. Perhaps you should also add a few sentences in your “contact” page encouraging people to message you or reach out to you.

Other than that I think the whole design is very cohesive and asthetically pleasing. Good job!

Awesome portfolio! Great spacing and choice of colors. It’s definitely easy on the eyes and I like that.


  • Fixing the mobile navigation. The menu items currently don’t have a background colors, which appears to conflict with the mobile layout.
  • Adding more content(portfolio items, more descriptive bio, profile pic).
  • Having the portfolio items take the entire screen width for small screens.
  • Increasing the overall font sizes.
  • Increasing the size of the social icons. Also maybe adding transitions to the social icons.

Btw, I read the branding and couldn’t help but think of Chun Li from Street Fighter. lol. :smile_cat:

Sorry for the late reply!

I did have trouble deciding what to write. Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:

I will try your suggestions. Thank you!

Haha, I get refer to Chun Li a lot when I meet new people! :joy: