Finally finished the portfolio

Hello again, I started my portfolio before the update. So next thing for me is to go through the new front-end stuff and then do the new projects. Here is the codepen and here is the website hosted on github, whichever you prefer. I spent a lot of time on it, probably too much. I learned how to make SVGs (the icons on the windows) and I learned how to do multiple layers of grid and flexbox.

Some questions:

  • Is there an easier way to keep a codepen updated with the code on my laptop? I don’t really like working on codepen but then I have to copy and paste to submit and test.
  • I can’t find a good way to space out the h1 and p’s in my welcome page. I tried making it a flexbox and doing space-between or space-around but it didn’t seem to do what I wanted. Ideally I’d like the h1 and first p to be closer together near the top with the second p closer to the bottom.
  • Is it common to use the CSS selectors for the nth child? I didn’t like the idea of adding id’s or classes to certain things (like the second p in the welcome window). It might solve my problem in the above bullet point.
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Hi Sarah. loved your portfolio.
for the h1 and the paragraph after it you can use the following:

position: relative;
top: -10px;

you can play with it around.
and of curse you can target them separately or together (depend on your goals) but aim them specifically and it should work just fine.

Hope it will help.


Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! Glad you liked it.