Finally finished the Wiki App [Need Feedback]

That Wikipedia API is a nightmare… I’m so relieved that it’s over :tired_face:
Here is the link to my page. Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Hey @Shin8,

Yeah you are right about the wikipedia API.:smiling_imp:

The page looks good. Although you can link the headings of the articles also to the main articles as the button seems too small to click on and my first impression was that the articles are not linked. OR you can make the button larger.


Thanks for the feedback!
My head almost exploded using that API. The properties are scattered and nested everywhere. I was trying to find the URL/link for each of the results but because I was using their query+search action and that value was nowhere to be found :dizzy_face:

I made the button larger. I prefer to have those separate (I do a lot of text selecting when I’m browsing the web and it gets a bit troublesome when it’s a link because then the whole thing gets dragged instead of the portion I want)

Yeah you are right on the API, its really not that good and beginner friendly.

Regarding the button, looks larger now so everything ok now.

Impressive. Well done. Interesting choice of font (in a good way). I have no idea of the difficulties that you had to get over, but from the look of your project, you’ve done remarkably well in getting over the hurdles.

Really, very good. Keep it up.