Finally got a job and had my first day at work ^^

After kicking my previous education into the dump (kinda - learned teacher for philosophy and math) and going back into education to learn programming for the last 3 years, finished january and spent up until now writing applications, I finally got success phew
Had to leave the company where I learned programming because I wanted to go into big-data and they didn’t do any with it…

Well now I’m a Data Analyst and because the current company got bought by a international company with a stronger data-focus, I hope and can move up the ranks and maybe become a DataScientist in the not-so-distant future xD

But anyway, had my first day of work today. A little chaos, a lot of stuff to learn and peoples names to forget - but just a really nice atmosphere so far, cool people, nice working space (although they might move to another later on), definitly good pay at least compared to my other programming friends - but could be hire in the DataWorld xD

I’m really glad and also very thankful for FCC having me provided with a lot of knowledge in all different fields from both my previous webdev “job”/education and the basics of Python and DA.

Can’t wait for my first paycheck and finally be able to afford giving something back to support this project ^^ I mean, apart from my forum-activity, which will definitly be negativly impacted now that I’m working full-time.

Just have to get rid of the one nagging feeling, that I could be better off. Like, still got a few open applications but I kinda doubt anything will come off of it. Though I had applied for one Trainee DataEngineer position which would have been amazing (significantly better pay just for Trainee position and also DE is obviously closer to DS than DA), but they said no like 3 weeks ago… and then I considered writing more Trainee Applications and I still kinda do, but I’m also glad for this position (got only rejections on my other 70 applications) and the people are nice and it’s close by and it’s a young and progressive company…

So yeah, super happy for it, just gonna deal with the all-destroying “but it could be even better”-thought xD


big congratulations to you

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