Finally learning some C/C++ by focusing on programming a specific library

Finally won the battle and managed to install opencv4 in my Linux machine.

Studying the opencv library now using C++.

I have done opencv in the past with its python and JS versions, but never in C++. C++ is actually its core.

I just want to better understand the core of the opencv’s library while learning more C++ coding at the same time. Many things I am currently helping out, like the ar.js/artoolkit library, are written in C++.

I felt more confident after the WebGL/GLSL I studied from some good Udemy courses. Also my previous python as well as the JS I learned here helped a lot.

I am also following a couple of courses about C++ in several platforms and it feels like I paid too much (even if I bought just one at the very lowest rate) - skipping A LOT of videos and pages!!!

Cool! Congratulations on making progress. If you develop any strong feelings about the courses are materials you’re using, you can share them in our Reviews subforum.

Happy coding!

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