Finally made my personal portfolio using pure css

Any feedback is appreciated.


Looks amazing man. Excellent work!

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Looks great :+1:. What if you added pictures of the projects?

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Hey man, could you explain what exactly is “pure css”? Is it raw text and styles with no html tags?

Tribute section was off for me. For me, It was not a good thing to include in your portfolio.

Hey this is a good one. I like it.

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Hey Prakhar,

great job! :clap:

You already posted this 2 years ago:

Seeing that you’ve already built some React projects, I would add them and remove some of the easier projects.

Keep up the good work!

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Hey @miku86,

I’m re-learning front end development from scratch. I did start learning in 2018 but at that time lost motivation. So, this time I’m picking it up again in 2020 and doing everything from scratch. Also, I replaced the code of my previous personal portfolio with my new one, so that’s why the link appears to be same.

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Hey @kartavya0703 ,

I didn’t use any css framework eg: Bootstrap, Material UI for this project, rather I only used css and HTML for this project.

Just wanted to keep a minimalistic design :sweat_smile:.