Finally! my awesome Local Weather App is ready, Feedback Please

Hi,I have spent a two weeks with 3 hours a day to make this, it really took an effort!
Any feedback or questions would be more than welcome. Thank you.
Project Link - Here

Its really good.

My question is how did you make it…?? What I mean is, I am a beginner that has put something really basic together that works on brackets but not on Codepen and it was a struggle to get that together.

I see your Javascript and there is so much going on in there that I have no idea about and haven’t learned so far. Where did you learn it?

Well, for me, I went step by step here, I took a couple courses online, on Html, Css, and Javascript, then I start training here in FreeCodeCamp.
Learning the basics is enough for you to start a project, you have the internet, and of course my best friend Google!
because as you know the basics, you know where to start, and you know what to look for, you will struggle at your several first projects but it will be getting easier as you go on.