Finally my full stack app is on live

click on to see my full stack app. This project is my effort of two months.
This project I have done is only to add this project to my portfolio. I have not created my portfolio yet. This is a bus ticket booking application . back end is running on node.js which I deployed on heroku., base is mongodb and front end I developed using react.js. . Mobile view of this application is not that much good. but system view is somewhat good. development of this project is still going on. This application has admin user dashboard ,user user dashboard and bus agency dashboard .
Bus Agency means that those who owned a bus can login to this application and create a account. once they create the account , notification will be sent to admin panel. once admin activate bus agency they can login to bus agency dashboard . then They can list their bus over there. Bus Agency dashboard has the features of adding bus ,deleting bus, seeing booking info , etc

User has to register an account. after that only they can book the bus. currently I added only one bus. so if you search bus from Narkkilakkad(this is my place) to cherupuzha (this is also near by place) you can see the bus list. User dashboard has the option to download ticket, view profile, book ticket.

Admin dashboard has an option to add new admin, activate bus agency,etc

Currently use face issue to create account. it is becuase each time you type username it repeatedly call api to check whether that user name is available or not.
When I was running this app on my local machine, I did not find any issue for creating account. I am working on that. also you can not download ticket. because when I was running this app on my local machine , if you booked one ticket, that ticket would be saved on server. As heroku has no storage space due to which you can not download ticket now, I will change it to fronted soon .

The main challenge I am facing on designing the mobile view as I don’t have any sort of Idea how much minimum width property I have to add, so that it will be fit to all mobile screen.

username eldhose
password eldhose

bus agency
username eldhose
password eldhose
please don’t click on delete button on bus agency dashboard, As soon as you clicked on this button , bus will be deleted without confirmation. if you want to try deleting account , try creating your own bus agency account , then list your bus yourself . if you create on bus agency account, don’t forget to login to admin panel to activate your bus agency,

username eldhose
password eldhose

All your valuable feedback will be appreciated, thank you

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The app is fantastic and the concept is good though. I liked it, as you said it is for your portfolio I think it needs some improvement like in -

  1. Mobile responsive UI (Users will be booking tickets from mobile too)
  2. Typography
  3. Color scheme

Coding is all about practicing, and I know you will make in look good in future basically focusing on UX/UI for user satisfaction. Otherwise the back-end is amazing.


Thank you for your valuable feedback. I don’t have that much idea on Color scheme and Typography. if you have some suggestion, I will definitely implement that. I tried many color , finally I decided to go with color which is implemented now. I don’t have that much visual imagination. Mobile responsive UI will be implemented soon

one small tip is that when I’m registering to the site the password does not hides up. Make the input type to = “password”, it will be helpful for the user experience as no one want to show show his/her password.

when I was developing this application, I had to see the password. I forgot that to change it. I will add one option where user can decide whether they want to see their password or not . tell me more suggestion please

I like the concept - I could use a trip… but when I put in a destination it coudn’t find a bus, and I had no back button/navigation.
good luck,

Yes You wont get your destination. it is not listed. you have to list your self . create an account in bus agency and list your bus info. then you can search. currently I added only one bus root which is my place. . if you create an account as bus agency, don’t forget to login to admin dashboard to activate it .
admin usernam eldhose
admin password eldhose

navigation is there. I am bit lazy guy. So you just click on manage account. that is only my navigation.