Finally My portfolio is here

I am so glad to actually finish this project and understand more HTML and CSS bit. Here is my portfolio guys. Kindly have a look at it and suggest where I can make improvements. I will be grateful for your feedback.

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Your code has some errors into it
Re read this part

, the class name does not include the period.

Some of your project links, links to the wrong project and some of them just doesn’t link to anything

Thanks for your response KittyKora. The class name doesn’t include a period in the HTML but in CSS style it starts with a period.
After formatting severally in the Editors, I get the response that there are no errors found. Can an editor give a false positive? Kindly help me out on this.

Watch this onto how to switch on debug mode

I never knew about this. Thank you for your help. I am definately going to use it and if I have any questions I’ll come back here. Thanks again

One thing you’ll want to do is look at your portfolio while increasing the text size. If you don’t know how to do this, while using Firefox, go to the ‘View -> Zoom’ menu and activate ‘Zoom Text Only’. Then while holding down the Ctrl key, scroll your middle mouse button to increase the text size. You will see right away that the “Technical documentation” text starts breaking out of its container. You probably don’t want to use ‘px’ units for the max-width on those containers, use ‘em’ instead.

If you keep the text size increased and narrow your browser all the way you will see other issues as well.

Thanks for the review, can I use the same procedure for chrome?

congratz for yout certification.

to bad i cant take a look at your landing page, seem interesting preview for me to learns as an example for how youve done it, since im working on it.

great work.

Thanks for the compliment. I have not claimed my certification yet, because I opted to rework on my project landing page which I am almost finishing. You will get to look at it soon. Thanks again

I liked your PF, so I’ve been playing with a fork of the code, and writing some ideas that - I believe - make the code easier. Hope you don’t mind:


New version, I’m writing a ‘todos’ so you can play if you like…


@anon10002461, thanks for liking my PF. I don;t mind, I will learn from your code too