Finally setup my blog with Ghost (hosted on AWS) - Anyone else using it?

I spent the weekend setting up my blog on Ghost (link: Josh Amore Blog). What a mission!

The backend is definitely more appealing than Wordpress, but it’s far more complex to get up and running (especially if you want comments).

Anyone else running their blog on Ghost?

Me lol. I have mine hosted on one of my droplets on Digital Ocean. I really like the Ghost platform IMO very simple and a lot easier to deal with then Wordpress (I can’t stand Wordpress).

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Agreed, it’s much nicer to write in markdown.

Do you have Disqus comments running?

No, I’ve never heard of it. I’ll have to check it out.

It’s tool that gives you comment functionality. I’m trying to configure it on my blog ATM.

If you end up adding it successfully, let me know!

Now that I look at my blog at the bottom it says comments powered by Disqus. I don’t think I have comments enabled? Would you mind taking a look? Just a heads up its my first blog and not a great writer lol.

It looks like your theme is setup for Disqus out of the box ( It should be easy to add comments to your posts. You just need to add a chunk of Disqus code to your posts.hbs file.

I tried to follow this tutorial, but I didn’t get it working (not yet, anyway).

Also nice work on the blog! Looking forward to seeing more posts.

I got my comments working, I actually had to re add the code to it. Its overlapping my share page buttons so have to figure out how to fix that. Let me know if you need help trying to get yours to work!

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Glad you got it working.

I tried again today with fresh eyes and figured it out in 10 mins :+1:

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Awesome, I have two websites, I want to try AWS in coming months, hope they are really worth the money… here are my websites currently running on a shared server &

Great to hear!

Steverichard, AWS is great just watch out for it tho it can get expensive quick if you’re not on the free tier plan (last a year).

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