Find friends at your level and work together

I am trying to find some friends at my level to work as a group and motivate each other to improve our knowledge.


We are here together, my friend!
I just started a tribute page and I’ve been procrastinating on the library wifi for two hours. :slight_smile:

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Maybe you’d be interested in my offer: ( If your schedule permits)

I like your offer

But there are few issues for me

  • Time-zone - I live in New Delhi, India
  • I Don’t work - So I must spend more than 5 hours in order to utilize my time efficiently. This may prevent us from being in sync
  • English is not my native language - I am not good at speaking.

Hi Guys,
There is always a problem to stop us to reach the goal we set, and there is always a solution also let’s make this happen let’s do it together, please suggest your options how to start.

Everyone please mention the topic you are at in FCC map then we will try to sync our progress. Then we will set a goal.
Me: Learn how Script Tags and Document Ready Work (jQuery)

about 10 topics left finish Basic Javascript

Hey guys,
I’ve spent a bunch of hours (didnt count) on fcc and studying web design/development
Im currently learning react & sass,also working with SVG along the way,Always happy to help with anything and digging into new things
Almost always online at nights.

Languages - Spanish and decent english

Thanks a lot we will be in touch

Good day all.

I think to solve the problem that have been raised is to find someone within your time zone OR to schedule a time where you can Skype and only discuss the issue that you have and assist each other in those areas.

Just a suggestion. Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Same here. I would like to join you guys.

Which topic on map are you currently at?

I completed jQuery just now.

Halfway through JavaScript Basics. CST time zone.

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Can i join too :slight_smile: Hi I am from India i am currently completing Intermediate algorithm scripting section can tyr help on topics related to html css js etc… just leave a message

i am ready to partner with u

Thank you everyone for your reply, now how to start a private group chat?

use gitter to create a room and invite

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can some one help i am on level 31 Add Placeholder Text to a Text Field on css i can’t figure out this Set the value of your placeholder attribute to “cat photo URL”.