Find out where in the world it's midnight

Page: That's midnight in...
Code: GitHub - colinthornton/thats-midnight-in

A pretty silly project, but an excuse to try out the under-development Temporal API. When you open the page it loops through the most recent list of IANA time zones and, using their UTC offsets and formatted time zone name, creates a map of local times to time zones that are at midnight, which then gets displayed to the screen.

So now you can complain to your friends about having to work until midnight (West Greenland Standard Time)

Hi @colinthornton

I have ever experienced the pain of working with dates and time in JS. So this is not a silly project. It is actually a good project to practice working with dates and time. It is interesting that there is a package one can use as polyfill for the temporal API already.

I will have to try something similar but without using the temporal API.

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