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So I have tried to create this ‘multiple’ function which calls itself using the every() method to check until the number is a multiple of all given numbers. I have kinda confused myself in the process, I feel very close yet also feel so far. I don’t know if my train of thought is correct. Any pointers will be of great help. thank you.

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function smallestCommons(arr) {
  const arr1 = arr.sort((a,b)=>a-b)
const [a,b] = arr1;
let lcm = 0;

const multiple = (a,b,lcm)=>{    
  let i=a;    
    if(i==1){lcm += b; i++;};
    if(i > 1 && lcm%i != 0){                
      lcm += b;     
  let arr2 = []
  for(let j=a; j<b+1; j++){
  const isMultiple = (i) => lcm % i == 0;
  if((arr2.every(isMultiple)) == false){
    return lcm

//return arr;

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