"Find the Longest Word in a String" challenge best practice

hey guys ,
I’ve written this code down there and it worked in first shot . But I was like it can’t be a good way and there should be a better way . do you have any idea about the performance of different solutions ?

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function findLongestWordLength(str) {
  let spacesIndex = [];
  for (let i in str) {
    if (str[i] == " ") {
  let SIclone = [...spacesIndex];
  for (let j =1; j < SIclone.length ; j++){
  SIclone[j] = spacesIndex[j] - spacesIndex[j-1]-1;
  let ans = Math.max(...SIclone);
  return ans

findLongestWordLength("The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog");

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Thank you.

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thanks , I added this tags :slight_smile:
hope other campers can see it after knowing that there’s a spoiler down in code

My only comment is to make sure and properly indent it, so it is more readable.

We are not going to post full code solutions of different ways to solve this problem. You are free to search the forum or look at the Get a Hint for the challenge and compare your solution to others.

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Interesting approach you went for here, finding all the spaces and then finding the maximum distance between them

You might want to revisit this question after the section on functional programming, this can be solved in a cute one-liner using a map


this approach has so many bugs! using more than one space , numbers and !?/)( in text string can give us a wrong answer!
thank you for the answer I’ll read other solutions