Find the Longest Word in a String Challenge

Hi there. So. I’ll try to short my story as much as possible. I have huge problems with algorithms. It’s hard for me to understand data structure, recursion, condition, etc. So, I started here, I was moving forward until, of course, the required complexity of the algorithms got bigger, then I got stuck. I start googling information, but then, I either find the answer too fast, or the information I gather is so vague, that I can’t move forward. I know this sounds more a rant than a request for help, but hey, I have my hopes on this community that will deliver. Right now, with this challenge, I was able to:

  1. Split the string into an array.
  2. Get the new array content in various ways. Even getting the length of each element. (Say, I get that “the” is 3 characters long)

My problem is that I cannot think, or create the algorithm or function to compare the content of the array and, hence, achieve the solution. Is there some lead that you could tell me to start, or some clue that won’t give the final answer? It’s really frustrating.