Find the middle 2 letter of an even word in the middle word of a sentence or

find the middle letter of an odd word in the middle of the middle word of a sentence. my code just returns undefined not sure why. is there a better method?

 if (string.length%2===1){
 const newArray = string.split(" ")
    const middleWord = newArray[(newArray.length+1)/2];
    if (middleWord.length%2===1){
      return middleWord[(middleWord.length+1)/2];
    else {
        const firstmiddleletter = middleWord[middleWord.length/2];
      const secondmiddleletter = middleWord[(middleWord.length/2)+1];
      const middletwo = `${firstmiddleletter}${secondmiddleletter}`;
      return middletwo;
    return 1;
 // console.log(middleWord)

const stringy = "I want to see the middle letter of the middle word";

could you please give all your code? It seems the function definition is missing and makes debugging difficult