Finders Keepers (question about arrow functions)

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So, I actually solved this one quite easily. But investigating around arrow functions, I have a maybe concept problem with arrow functions or functions in general.
if I refer to “func” and I pass the argument “num”, it executes the function and it works, perfect, problem solved.
But as you see in my code, I was trying to store into an array the result of the function (num%2 without the ==0). And it stores the function per se. this is the console.log output:

(4) [ƒ, ƒ, ƒ, ƒ]
0: ƒ (num)1: ƒ (num)2: ƒ (num)3: ƒ (num)
length: 4__proto__: Array(0)

So basically the question is, how do I successfully pass the “num” to my function inside push?

thanks guys

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function findElement(arr, func) {
  //fiddling with arrow function
  let resMod=[];
  for (let num of arr){
   resMod.push( num => num % 2);

  //actual solving of the exercise
  for (let num of arr){
   if (func (num) == true){
     return num;
  return undefined;


//findElement([1, 2, 3, 4], num => num % 2 === 0)
findElement([1, 2, 3, 4], num => num % 2)

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As you showed above this pushes the un-evaluated function itself into your array, the result of the function is however obtained with func(num), but since func(num) returns a boolean you have to set a conditional to test if it is true before you push num, so

     resMod.push( num);
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You need to use this syntax to pass num into the arrow function and execute it.
resMod.push((x => x % 2)(num));

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Thanks, this is what I needed!