Finding a Dev job while having a full-time employee IT job


I wish to keep my current ful–time IT position for personal reasons.I do IT support right now since a few years.I also learn Javascrpt, CSS, PHP and Java and REACT framework + Git.

However I wish to make extra money each month by developping for a company, as a freelance (from the Web).

i wonder if my situation is compatible with passing dev job technical interviews (phone and/or physical) and if yes how I should present myself?

I know that 98% of Tech companies prefer candidates who are available FULL TIME for them and committed only to them

Do I have to justifiy myself if the recruiter asks me why I wish to keep my employee full-time job? What should be my strategy when approaching recruiters this way?

Also the fact that I can’t work in-house , but only from a distance (from Internet). Though I may be able to meet physically with the recruiter team maybe once a month. Phone work always available evenings and week-ends.


The type of jobs you are describing the hiring process for aren’t freelance. People in your position typically would freelance. They would be their own employers, market themselves, and contract to do a particular task rather than work for a company in any ongoing capacity.

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