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Hello there I have been taking my courses on free code camp for some time now but I somehow fail to get past the hurdle of doing the projects, I can study and do all the tutorial tests but when it comes to really doing the real work I somehow get stuck, so I tried to look at what is wrong and I have decided that the way to go is to find a pal or pals who can and will push me forward to do what I am getting stuck on and hopefully who I can also push forward into managing that part which possibly just needed that little push and together can help each other’s defeciencies… Hope to get some friends and work together … Abdullah Japhet.


You have a whole community of coding friends here. When you get stuck, or frustrated, or confused with a project then it would be great if you would come here and talk to us about it.


Hi @abdullahjaphet !

Welcome to the forum!

It is normal to struggle to build projects.
Projects are very different than the challenges.
Projects require you to put all of things you learned from the challenges into the project.
It also requires you to do extra research.

You can look at other recent posts on the forum from people who are looking for coding partners.
This question gets asked a lot.

You can also ask around on the FCC discord

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Hey there @abdullahjaphet !

There’s a new post from FreeCodeCamp with updates to the chatrooms. You can still go to the discord room as it’s still supported but FCC recently made a new chat service for 2021.

Still, feel free to use the discord!


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