Finding html forms hard to remember

Why are html forms so long ? Theres so many sintax and characters in between the elements. I’m wondering how devs remember all these bloated elelemts. I’m finding it hard to build forms on my own without having to look up the different syntaxes and which ones goes where. Why do html forms gotta be so complex?

Because they have to cover as many usecases as possible. If anything they don’t cover enough usecases, there isn’t really enough functionality available in the form elements that currently exist.

This is true for a lot of things in tech. The world is complicated, so the features available for programmers are complex to try to match it.

Its also true developers look up things all the time. This will be true for someone starting out, as it is a veteran programmer. No one should expect to memorize everything, looking up references is all part of the job

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

I guess your right thanks for the reply.

Oh i see. I can see how complex projects require complex code.

Referring to documentation is half the job. No need to memorize this stuff.

Ah no, it’s not about complex projects, it’s just forms. There vast number of different ways the elements involved can be displayed and interacted with and combined with other form elements. Forms are inherently complex, you can’t remove that fact, so you need all those options. But as @colinthornton says, you don’t need to memorise all this stuff.

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