Finding Javascript very confusing, need help


I started learning HTML, CSS and now JavaScript since beginning of July.

Before starting to learn JavaScript I have had no experience with programming. JavaScripts BASICS, were not complicated to understand, but then I bumped into ES6, and everything like rest and spread operator, Destructuring Assignment to Assign Variables from Objects, const and let appearing in many exercises and examples, and many other stuff you see online is getting me more and more desperate and confused.

I have also read all the tutorial from W3SCHOOLS and have found no answers to many of my questions. Is there somewhere I can learn and understand step by step? I don’t mind going a little bit slower, but right now I am worried because I feel I am understanding nothing.

Every exercise makes me spend hours researching and usually the research confuses me more…

I appreciate any tips or comments.


I would say regarding the ES6 parts of JS, it is not important that you know how to use these but it is important for you to recognize them when you see some code.

I am pretty sure whatever ES6 code is, it can be written in the old way.

Did you understand map, reduce, filter functions?
Also knowing const and let would be good going forward.

i think it is a good thing you are reading and getting confused, that’s essentially what is supposed to happen exactly. It is a bit like one step forward, two steps back.
I think when you are faced with a coding problem that can’t be solved with what you understand, you will find yourself reaching for the stuff you don’t understand to help you and then things will click better.

but in the meantime if you want more reading, someone just asked about destructuring earlier:

And also I explained spread and rest to someone as well recently:

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I have just been looking through the ES6 section recently and it is one of the worst sections, basically because the answers are quite specific.
It’s a case of either you know it or you don’t know it.
I would say if you get stuck, someone else has probably had the same problem and there will be the solution somewhere in this forum.

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JavaScript is one of those things that takes time. The more you work on JS the more confusing it can get until one day it clicks. My suggestions:

Keeping working through all lessons. Once you get through ES6, try to practice doing the exercises in both ES6 and older Javascript.

Look up JavaScript projects and do them. Utilize places like CodePen and JSFiddle to create the projects. If you get stuck, search the web for the parts you need help with. Keep Going.

Post here for help, both on lessons and any projects you work on. We’re a generally helpful group.

JS is hard. Search, Read, Ask…we can help you through and you will get it.


I would have to disagree with this advice, because more and more companies are expecting you to use ES6 syntax (where possible) for any new code written.

These days it seems you should learn ES6 first, but also learn the old way of doing it, so that you can recognize what the old code is doing.

Again my opinion based on what I have seen in the past year. Even though ES6 is fairly new to FCC, it has been in use for over 2 years now by many companies. FCC was just behind in adding it to their curriculum.


It’s perfectly fine to feel overwhelmed. Just keep practicing and also get used to read documentations. In the beginning it might be hard to understand everything what’s written there, but eventually it gets more understandable. When it comes to javascript, my favorite resource is Be persistent and it will click for you…

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Thank you for your reply! It helps to know that I am not in the wrong way then, and that I am not the only one who gets confused!

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Thank you! Definitely not giving up, was a little scared only, not knowing what to do.

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Bear in mind that, from starting out programming with your first programming language, it generally seems to take around 3 years [ish] before you’re any good at programming. HTML/CSS aren’t programming languages and are much easier to learn, JS is an actual programming language and is consequently much more difficult. The basics are basic, like most languages, but you can’t really do a huge amount with just the basics.

I think the first thing you should learn is coding logic. Learning syntax is a by-product of this. That’s really what I was getting at. Especially as @Mxlt is new to coding.