Finding length of shortest word in array?

Defining a function that when given 3 parameters ( word1, word2, word3) will give me the length of the shortest word. Here’s what I have so far:

function findMinLengthOfThreeWords( word1, word2, word3 ) {
  let words = [ word1, word2, word3];   // create an array of the words

  for ( i = 0; i < words.length; i++ ){   // Looping through the array to find index
    let length = words[i].length;    // Setting  variable 'length' as the length of an index in the array
    let min = Math.min(length);   // Setting variable 'min' to index in the array that's the shortest
    return min;   // min should return whatever length is the shortest?

So far passing 2 of 3 test but why not the 3rd? Am I using Math.min() wrong? Is there a simpler method and I’m just complicating things?

Thanks in advance for all your help

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Thanks @ ArielLeslie I’ll keep it in mind.

NVM :weary:

let words = [ word1, word2, word3];

 let min = Math.min({ length }) => length));

return min;

Guess I was using it wrong. Thing is I have absolutely no idea how this method even works. I was trying to solve it in a way I understand, but it’s just one of those things you just have to commit to memory I suppose.

So this is saying use .map() to create a function that loops through each index in an array, where ‘length’ is the length of each index. Then finding the Math.min() of that gives me the minLength?

You could also just use <= to check if each index is less than the previous one and store those in a variable. Good use of spread operator.

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