Finding my tribute page in google search

I have made a tribute page project with codepen , when i search for it in google i can’t find it. Is there any tips or modification i can do ? thank you .

Hello @macdeesh,

I don’t think you can do this. You always find the website “CodePen” but not your projects, except in going to your CodePen account. If you wanna transform your project as a website, then work on the SEO of it, you need to host your website on a dedicated platform with a domain name or subdomain name.

Hi LucLH,
Thank you for answering to my question. I noticed that when i search for a tribute page on Google, let’s take “Charles Darwin” as exemple. I can find many results of projects on Codepen in the first page of google, but when i do search for the tribute page i created, for J.Krishnamurti, i can’t find it, i only find another project of someone else for the same character. Do you think that the people that i could find their project did SEO for a tribute page created on Codepen ? How ?
Thank you.

It is a good question actually. Maybe those who have a subscription to CodePen got these benefits. Also maybe those who got many views/likes have better chance to be seen on the Google researches. But what I am saying is just theory, I am not sure.

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