Finetuning Portfolio Page

Hi everyone!

I’ve been working on my portolio page for the past weeks. I think I’m almost happy with it. There’s just a few things I can’t seem to get right and it drives me crazy. I was hoping someone here on the forum could point me in the right direction.

Bug 1: My form on the contact page has a lot of space around it when I view it on a small screen.
Bug 2: My headings do not properly align with the content beneath it. I’m quite sure I centered everything, but it doesn’t seem to align.
Bug 3: My linkedin widget. It’s a bitch. Can’t get it to resize on a small screen. Might need to take it out altogether or replace it with a smaller widget on small screen. Still, if anybody knows how to fix this, you’d be the (wo)man!

Here’s my pen:

Any other tips or improvements are very welcome as well!



I like the bold colours and header titles. Keeps it simple but interesting!

The LinkedIn widget seems to work fine on mobile for me… Sorry if the screen shot is huge!


Hmmm. You’re right, looks fine, suppose mobile screens don’t come much smaller these days anyways.

Still can’t get everything to center properly though -.-