Fingers Crossed! Portfolio Page Review and Feedback

Hi all-

Thanks in advance for taking a look at my FCC Personal Portfolio assignment.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out but would love any feedback on responsiveness.

Also, I cannot for the life of me figure out why on mobile, the links are all sorts of whacky. Any help here would be appreciated!!

Very impressive!!
As for your links, I did not test on mobile.
However, when I view at full page the text for the links seems offset to the right. I tried targeting the buttons with CSS text-align:center; That didn’t work.
Maybe try playing with the padding.

Thanks man! Really appreciate you taking the time to review it. Were you talking about the text that lives inside the buttons? I looked again on a few browsers and it looks centered to me. Unless I’ve gone completely blind and bonkers.

For some reason on mobile literally none of the links work. Nav bar links=FAIL, links in the body=FAIL. At a complete loss on that one.

Yes. I was talking about the text that lives in the buttons.
This is what i see when viewing your pen full page in google chrome.

Also the same in FireFox.

As for mobile , I viewed on Droid Mini and all looked good and all links in nav and body worked.

Note: I am using a desktop running XP so maybe some problem related to older versions of browsers. Seeing your settings for your pen. I’ve not encountered these problems before with the settings you are using.

By the way the food looks amazing.

Yea that is so strange. On my machine it works fine (MAC). Tested on multiple browsers too.

I’m shocked that bootstrap doesn’t auto center the text inside a button so it’s never allowed to escape the border. Maybe I’m missing a bootstrap line that could solve that?

Appreciate the note on the food! If you’re every in NYC, come on by!