Finish my Portfolio Project ! Any feedback please?

Can i have some feedback please :slight_smile:

Project Link Portfolio :

I have just completed html, css, and bootstrap so I cant really give useful advice but I would like to say that this is extremely inspirational for me. I want to do the work that you have done. The portfolio and Back To The Future website is so clean and good looking. One day I hope to be as creative and innovative as you.

thank you so much for your comment. I try to be a good programmer. I didnt think it will be clean, im happy that u mention it, because i want it the more simple possible.
U can do it too, trust me, u just need to focus and find time to do it. At least a bit everyday :slight_smile:
Let me know

This really nice. I can’t comment on the code because I’m a beginner myself and also working on the portfolio project. So, the only suggestion I’ll make is a grammar one as English is my first language and I get the sense that it’s not yours, maybe? Your English is very good though, considering English speakers regularly make mistakes and you only had one that I saw!
Anyways, this sentence is a bit awkward:
"After my diploma in electronics, I decided to reoriented my career in IT."
I would change it to:
"After receiving my diploma in electronics, I decided to reorient my career towards IT."
I think this preserves your meaning and makes the sentence a bit clearer. Just a suggestion! Best of luck and keep posting your work!

Thank u so much, english is not my native language i will correct this, thank u :slight_smile:

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